Seashell, Citrine & Amber Sea Glass Earrings


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Protectors of negative energy, seashells make for wonderful accessories, allowing you carry a little treasure of the sea with you. The shells incorporated in this design were picked from the shores of Florida.

Sea Glass, or Beach Glass, are beautiful pieces of found-again treasures that wash upon the shore after years of churning within bodies of water. Over a duration of 30-50 years, or even more, powerful tides break the glass into smaller pieces and erode away sharp edges, producing a beautifully smooth and alluring glass gem.

Citrine is a beautiful and enriching stone that promotes motivation, activates creativity, and encourages self-expression!

All 43 Jewelry Co. earrings are handmade with high-quality, surgical-grade stainless steel earring backs / hooks that are an excellent hypoallergenic, non-tarnish, and durable option for those with skin sensitives.

The gemstones incorporated within this design are genuine and intuitively chosen.

These earrings are approximately 2.25″ x “0.5