Welcome to 43 Jewelry Co.

43 Jewelry Co. handcrafts unique, stainless steel jewelry consisting of necklaces, bracelets, and earrings featuring gemstones and/or sea glass.

All items are carefully assembled in a variety of styles with high-quality, surgical-grade stainless steel materials.

All 43 Jewelry Co. products may be an excellent choice for those with sensitivities or allergies as all materials used for product creation are hypoallergenic, non-tarnish, and highly durable.

About the Creator

Hey there!

I’m Alexis Rhoades, or just “Lex”. I’m a Meadville-based artist, digital marketer, and small business owner of both 43 Jewelry Co. and 43 Handmade

Growing up, I was always an “Art Kid”—totally obsessed and immersed in whatever art project I could get my paws on. Fast forward to the present day, and I still lead with this same spirit.

A desire to exercise my creativity and exploring new skills has always been rooted deep in my bones. I truly feel as though my purpose is best realized while creating.

When I’m not or making jewelry or creating new artwork, you can usually find me supporting local businesses and farmers’ markets, practicing mindfulness and movement, enjoying the outdoors, avidly collecting new crystals, drinking entirely too much coffee, and spending time with my wonderful fiancé, Joey.

Our Goals

Create and share handmade treasures that cannot be found anywhere else

Connect with new people and build a beautiful community around the 43 brand

Spark creativity, inspire individuality, and spread kindness

What does 43 stand for?

The number 43 represents the date April 3rd, otherwise written as 4/3 or 4.3 (43 was just catchier). 

April 3rd is the anniversary of owner Alexis and her supportive and loving partner, Joey.

43 Jewelry Co. would not be possible without their collaboration and dedication toward bringing 43 to life.